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Washington, D.C. offers affordable au pair, nanny and child care services in Northern Virginia & throughout the U.S.

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Child Care Value Comparison

An au pair gives you advantages that you don't have with a daycare, nanny or other child care options:

  • $340 average weekly cost per family
  • Up to 45 hours of child care per week
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Trained child care provider
  • Live-in child care provider
  • Eliminates the need for daycare

Why have an Au pair for your Child Care?
Au pairs are typically of student age who come from abroad that possess a legal visa to spend one year or more in the U.S.

Au pairs provide in-home child care and are an excellent alternative to daycare. Every Au pair is carefully screened and completes training at an Au pair training school during their first week in the U.S.

Au pairs can assist with average household duties related to your children and can offer unique activities based on their international country.

We are based in Northern Virginia in Herndon, VA and we offer au pair and child care services throughout the U.S.

Why Choose Us for your Child Care?
There are many reasons to contract with MyAupair:

  • Flexible, low cost alternative to child care, daycare or having a nanny (about $340 per week.)

  • Ideal matching between the au pair and the host family.

  • Dedicated to au pair education. Au pair Continuing Education Program mandates child care safety and accident prevention training.

  • Our history. Our parent organization has been in business since 1989 and is the largest, well-organized and best-staffed au pair and child care organization in the U.S.
Nanny versus an Aupair
See our articles comparing the pro's and con's of having an au pair versus a nanny including costs in: Nanny versus Au pair article and Comparison of Childcare options and Costs, How to Find an Au Pair Agency.
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